5 Tips to Boost Diesel Engine Performance

Having a diesel engine is great. So much, in fact, there are over 40 diesel models available in the United States from over 10 manufacturers. In the past, we compared diesel vs gasoline and found diesel engines have better fuel economy than gasoline engines, tend to last longer, and have some serious performance advantages. Diesel-powered… Read more »

Can a Rear End Collision Cause Transmission Problems?

Here in the US, millions of car accidents happen every year, nearly half of which are rear-end collisions. Out of the many different kinds of accidents that can occur in your car, a rear-end collision seems like it would do the least amount of damage to your car. Most people would assume that the majority… Read more »

Signs Your Differential Needs to Be Repaired

Your car’s differential is one of the key players in keeping the car moving in the right direction. It’s essentially what keeps your front and wheel tires on the same page, making sure each set is given the right amount of power to go in whichever the direction the driver wishes. When your differential goes… Read more »

Regular Car Maintenance Tips

Sure, your car takes care of you, but are you taking care of your car? Preventative maintenance for cars is like taking care of your body, the more you put in, the more you get out. We believe in regular car maintenance for getting the most out of our personal vehicles and think you should… Read more »

5 Critical Fluids to Check in a Car

We’re all about better understanding vehicles. If you’re a commuter, an enthusiast, new to cars, and anything in between, understanding the types of fluids in a car is an important lesson for all drivers. This comes in handy all the time! It could be when getting your oil changed, noticing a wet spot under your… Read more »

Winterizing Your Car

With winter just around the corner, snowy weather and rain picking up. Driving on the road can become more dangerous with situational hazards and intense weather. That’s why AC Transmission is going to give you some tips on how to winterize a car so that you can have a safe winter. Why Winterize Your Car?… Read more »

The Difference in Oil Types

Getting a new (or used) vehicle is always exciting! A lot of people think about what rims they want to upgrade to, what essentials they’ll keep in the center counsel, and also if they want to decorate. These are the most entertaining topics to explore, but there are other things you need to consider if… Read more »

How Long Do Car Brakes Last?

Having a car that moves is great. Having a car that can stop after moving is much better. A common question we hear is “how long do brakes last?”. What they are typically asking is “how long do brake pads last”. That is because brake pads do not last nearly as long as brake rotors…. Read more »

Difference Between Diesel and Gasoline

Most cars on the road today use diesel or gasoline. In fact, there are over 1 billion registered vehicles on the planet with only 1 million (.1%) being electric. That means there are a lot of cars, trucks, RVs, motorhomes, and motorcycles out there running on either gasoline or diesel. But with all these vehicles… Read more »

When to Replace Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is a necessary component of any car. It is used as a lubricant, hydraulic, and sometimes even coolant for your car’s engine. Over time, you will need to replace the transmission fluid in your car to keep things running smoothly. But how do you know how often to change transmission fluid? How Often… Read more »