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Why Is My Fuel Gauge Reading Incorrectly?

At its most basic, a fuel gauge is a handy indicator telling you how much gas or diesel you have in your vehicle and how long you can drive until you need more. It’s a car feature we tend to take for granted until we have a broken gas gauge. Have you been there? You… Read more »

What Is Limp Mode on a Car?

Imagine driving through a mountain pass with your family and you see the dreaded “check engine light” appear on the dashboard. Even worse, the vehicle downshifts and limits you to maybe 45 mph max. Thoughts of safety and finances both come flashing into your mind as you try to pull over to the side of… Read more »

Why Is My Steering Wheel Hard to Turn?

Having a car steering wheel that’s hard to turn can be both frustrating and scary. Imagine being on the freeway and no longer being able to guide your vehicle in the right direction. Maybe it has happened to you already or someone you know. When you first experience symptoms of a stiff steering wheel, it’s… Read more »

How Often Should I Service My Imported Car?

People frequently ask “how often should you get your imported car serviced?”. Being aware of your car service needs for an import or domestic is an important step for any car owner. Like domestic, import auto care is very similar and many of the same rules apply. There are considerations to make as well as… Read more »

What Does the Check Engine Light Really Mean

The check engine light is a signal that lights up on the dashboard of a car to alert the driver that the car is in need of maintenance. The light is sometimes accompanied by a message reading, “service engine soon” and is a part of the vehicles Onboard Diagnostic System, or ODS. The light can… Read more »